Over the last four years I've run six retreats in the UK and internationally. My clients always come back for more and are constantly telling me how life changing they are.

Believe me, retreats are so much more than just "time off". Retreat space is sacred space⁠. It’s ceremonial, transformational, life-changing⁠. It’s wild, it’s emotional, it’s bone-shakingly beautiful⁠. It’ll crack your heart open and soothe you like medicine⁠.

Stepping into retreat is forgetting “normal life” and remembering ancient ways⁠. It’s a home-coming, somewhere deeply familiar and yet at the same time completely new⁠.

So it’s no surprise that offering my work in-person is my favourite thing. There is nothing like being there *in the flesh* with you.

I love to share with you my favourite feminine embodiment practices, somatic healing, rituals, ceremonies, and workshops that will invite you into deeper relationship with yourself.

Together we form a coven, a sisterhood, a gang of reunited long lost lovers, BFF's for life. It's no joke, stepping into a retreat is like a portal of Before and After. Once you go in... there's no going back to how things were. 

You're invited to join me, 1st - 7th October, for a women's sacred sexuality and erotic empowerment retreat in Bali. Imagine this: wake up every day to the sounds of the jungle; head to the outdoor platform for morning embodiment practices, spend all day in tantric rituals, workshops, and wild erotic awakenings; be fed delicious meals and relax and refresh in one of the many pools. get a massage, or three; dance and move your body into wild ecstatic bliss; watch the sunrise on your jungle balcony; share in pleasure practices; experience true sensual sisterhood... No brainer. Applications are open.

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charlotte @thewildfem

"such powerful growth in such a short space of time"

I shed so many layers of conditioning and shame that I didn't know I carried... Fiona's guidance was soft and tender but equally strong and supportive. She's the most incredible teacher and she will change your life, in the most magical ways.

ana @journeyswithanaa

"This retreat
was everything"

Fiona’s medicine is both fierce & gentle, and I really love her energy - that was part of what drew me. The way she held space for us, her capacity to guide us and the way in which she embodies her medicine is truly transformative in and of itself.

tansy @tansyinthewild

"I have awakened my sexual, sensual self once more"

...a part I thought I had lost through becoming a Mother. I feel a sense of aliveness and vibrancy I didn't have before. My confidence has increased and I definitely give far less fucks. This work has fired up my identity as a woman.

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