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31 may - 3rd june
kent, uk


ana, trinidad

"This was exactly what I needed and when I needed it. This retreat was EVERYTHING. Fiona’s medicine is both fierce & gentle, and I really love her energy - that was part of what drew me.... The way she held space for us, her capacity to guide us and the way in which she embodies her medicine is truly transformative in and of itself."

tansy, uk

"I have awakened my sexual, sensual self once more, a part I thought I had lost through becoming a Mother. I feel a sense of aliveness and vibrancy I didn't have before. My confidence has increased and I definitely give far less fucks about a tonne of stuff that may have bothered me before. This work has fired up my identity as a woman."

Camila, uk

"[The Retreat] was such a transforming experience! All your retreats are, and I love how they always unfold so much inner wisdom. I love how safe you make us feel, holding the perfect cauldron for us to actually connect with ourselves, shed the skin and dig dip. I am so grateful for your work and what you do."