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Expressing, embodying, and empowering your sexuality is a powerful act of rewilding, remembering, reclamation, and revolution. It’s time we recovered our erotic feminine from the sin bin of society, misogyny, and the male gaze; honoured our bodies as portals of pleasure,
and remembered our power as sexually expressed women.


Meet your erotic essence unapologetically, feel confident to express yourself and your desires fully, and ignite your orgasmic potential and sensuality. This is a five week self-paced online journey. You'll be exploring and embodying five key erotic archetypes and their energies:

Lover & Erotic Innocence
Wild Woman & Erotic Nature
Sacred Whore & Erotic Expression
Seductress & Erotic Magnetism
Tantric Queen & Erotic Spirit

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emma, uk

"It uncovered layers of my erotic energy that I didn't know lay hidden away inside me. I feel like I have a much better understanding of my own energy, and feel a lot more confident in using it.. It delivered a LOT more than I expected. To be honest I didn't really know what to expect. Fiona has THE BEST playlists to bring out your sexual energy! I absolutely loved this program, and its had such an effect on me already. Fiona has created something really powerful, I want every womxn I know to do this course." 

divine, usa

"I am so grateful that I had a chance to receive a powerful life-changing experience. Your program opens me to seek within what lies behind the limiting beliefs. I finished this program empowered to honor the dark feminine, embodying the erotic, sensual and sexual expression without shame and guilt. Such an epic experience... Your work, your dedication, your passion will continue to awaken the Goddesses in all of us. You are truly amazing!!"

shayne, usa

"I absolutely loved working with Fiona. She creates such a safe container and I learned so much! After completing The Erotic Feminine, I felt empowered, powerful, sensual, sexy and more embodied than I've felt in a loooong time. She created a space in which I felt safe to tap into my inner essence of sacred sexuality and connect with other sisters who were doing the same. The course was pure magic and I would recommend working with Fiona to any woman who's interested!" 

nikki, usa

"My favorite part of the course was definitely the archetypes. Being able to learn about each one and embody her throughout the week and then bring them all together... learning who she was within myself, and then being able to express that with the weekly calls was incredibly powerful. Hearing other women and their take, what their struggles are, where it resonates, created a very deep insight into my own belief systems and blockages." 



Ready to unravel layers of shame to step fully up and into your sexual liberation, ask for what you want without fear of rejection, say YES to more pleasure by learning your turn-ons and turn-offs, become magnetic, in life and in the bedroom, look in the mirror and worship your reflection; have hot, fulfilling, toe-tingling sex, and devote yourself to your true erotic expression & sexual desire without guilt or self-judgement?  Thought so.

The Erotic Feminine is for the woman who wants to ooze sexual confidence, connect more deeply to her sensuality,  awaken her primal erotic desires - and not be afraid to speak them! She wants to embody the Sex Goddess she knows she is, peel away the self-consciousness, and re-ignite her libido.

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sexually confident inside and out

deliciously sensual and dripping like honey

magnetic & seductive in your feminine energy

fierce AF in your primal, dark, and wild erotic nature

cosmic, connected, and orgasmic

liberated & free to be whoever the F you want to be


em, uk

"I uncovered layers of my erotic energy that I didn't know lay hidden away inside me."

shayne, usa

"I felt empowered, powerful, sensual, sexy and more embodied than I've felt in a loooong time."

pip, uk

"It was so nourishing, sensual, and just straight up sexy!! It's like no other virtual gathering I've done."


amy, usa

"A life changing, core moment in my life. I met a part of myself that I have not allowed before."

camila, uk

"I love how safe you make us feel, holding the perfect cauldron for us to connect, shed skin, and dig deep."

Venus, uk

"Wow what an absolutely magical evening of self devotion, pleasure and ritual. Fiona's energy is magnetic."




Dance baby, dance! The best way to feel into the flavours of your erotic energy is through movement and embodiment. You'll get  curated playlists to move your body to.

To activate your erotic essence you'll receive rituals and practices to deepen into the themes on an experiential level. We cannot access the feminine through the mind, so go into the body to play...




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You'll receive a downloadable workbook each week to deepen into the archetype between; packed full of content, journal prompts, shadow work, self inquiry, and homeplay.

You'll receive access to five potent (pre-recorded) video recordings to activate and awaken the erotic energies and archetypes of each week.


5 x

The Erotic Feminine includes:

You’ll be given a private log in to a group portal (Teachable) where you’ll find the video recordings (available for-eh-verrrrrr) as well as all the content to download.



NOTE: this journey is a shame-free & judgement-free space where all erotic expressions are welcome.

Awaken your erotic feminine energy, commit to self-worship, self-pleasure, & unapologetic self-expression, own your desires, needs, wants – and feel empowered to claim them.

*This program is a self-paced, pre-recorded journey to which you have life-time access. It ran live in February 2023.

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Let me tell you a bit about my story...

I used to be the woman who used her sexuality for validation. I used men (& dishonoured my body) to make me feel good. I dressed & exhibited myself for another's eye, rather than my own. My heart & pussy were in the wrong place - they were outwardly focussed, not inwardly. I seduced others to stroke my ego, rather than learn how to seduce myself first. I sourced my sexual satisfaction from without, rather than within. Yes there were boyfriends here & there, but I still wasn't showing up as my true authentic, sexually empowered self. I was making all the right sounds, wearing all the right things, saying yes to all the new positions... and while it may have looked like I was having fun - it wasn't all that great. I'd experience feeling of shame, of regret, of "what was that guy's name again?". The way I was in my sexuality was anything but sacred, & nothing like Sovereign.

Does that resonate?

Now, I thrive in my sexual confidence. I know exactly what I want & how to ask for it, both in the bedroom & in life (you see, the erotic energy is the same = it's life force). I've worked on my unapologetic attitude, I deeply know my worth; I feel free to wear what I want - knowing I dress for myself first, and if another benefits, then that's a bonus! I love & honour my dark feminine sexuality; my Sacred Slut activates the hell out of me, she chooses my lingerie, my fishnets & stripper wear. My seductress ignites my magnetism and I can feel myself turning heads down the street. I embrace my Sensual Maiden for her beauty, feminine radiance, & her commitment to a life of pleasure. My Wild Woman has been integrated in such fierce force that she allows me to try new things, experiment with authenticity, trust, & boundaries. And my Tantric Queen allows me to appreciate the pure divine in sex, the Holy, the cosmic full-body swirling ecstasy of simply being with my-Self, devoted to Me first.

I can't wait for you to meet, embody, & full express these powerful aspects of your Erotic Feminine & harness their powers for your own erotic empowerment, sexual confidence, & true self-love.

Fiona x