I support women in becoming the fullest, most unapologetic version of themselves by remembering & reconnecting with their authentic wild feminine essence through their bodies and their true calling, working with women who are the bold leaders, truth-speakers, and change-makers of the new paradigm.

And I’m fighting an epidemic within the feminine: the struggle with chronic people pleasing, fear of expressing who we really are, with a lack of boundaries, feeling disconnected from our body, our sex, and our power, with a very dodgy relationship to our worthiness...

you feel me?

Fiona McCoss is a women's mentor; activating embodied feminine liberation, empowerment, and authentic expression. She is also a writer and lover of the sensual and erotic.



sound familiar?

I used to work in the city climbing a corporate ladder and chasing validation, totally disconnected from my true power that lay within. I had crazy imposter syndrome, I abused my body, and couldn't express myself without fear. I sought approval in all the wrong places, I couldn't see past the glass ceiling; I played in my shadow feminine, I didn’t believe in myself or my gifts... but I smacked a big smile on my face, played the game, and said politely with a fixed smile: “I’m fine” when anyone asked how I was. 

Until one day enough was enough.

but I've had my own journey to get here, believe me

Seven years ago I "woke" up and found myself in a world of disconnected sheep and "unconscious" people following Simon Says out of fear and I knew very strongly I didn't belong there. It wasn't the world for me. I could see more clearly there was more, I was meant for more... and I knew other women, like you, were meant for more, too.

My path into women's empowerment began by leaving the corporate world and a disempowering relationship in 2015, setting off to South East Asia on a one-way ticket. During my travels, I retrained as a yoga teacher, a feminine embodiment coach, and women's transformational facilitator, as well as studied in the Tantric arts - which laid the foundation for the work I offer now.

The struggles I continue to see in women & the feminine collective at large - such as not being able to speak up, feeling disconnected from their bodies, feeling a lack of pleasure, feeling trapped, stuck, bored, frustrated, shrinking their “too muchness” - is my continuous calling to do more. To serve the feminine into her FULLness.

Today, I support women all around the world in activating and awakening their powerful and unapologetic feminine energy, because I know that big change is happening and I know that we need YOU. Awake and alive. Embodied and empowered. So I'm calling the rebel leader in you who wants to do it her way.

It is my greatest fulfilment and deepest honour to support and champion women into her power through retreats, group programs, and private mentorship for the deepest and most impactful shifts. Plus, I'm a Manifestor in HD so it's in my blueprint to activate and ignite the truth in you.

I know I'm doing it right when I have clients tell me after our work together: “This work has changed my life".

So - are you ready to change yours?

bec, germany

"I went so deep. Hugely healing and I've been processing ever since. You're epic."

victoria, uk

"I apologise no more, I have boundaries. My foundations have never been more strongly grounded."

divine, usa

"I feel empowered to honor the dark feminine, embodying the erotic, sensual and sexual expression without shame."

em, uk

"I uncovered layers of my erotic energy that I didn't know lay hidden away inside me."

brooke, uK

"If you want authentic leadership, Fiona is the woman. She will hold you fiercly to where you want to go."


“I’ve never felt such a powerful transformational growth in such a short space of time."



Wanna know something else?


Fiona xx

And that is why I do what I do. Because how couldn’t I? It lights me the fuck up & turns me on sooo much to see women remembering their power, claiming their wants, needs, & desires out in the world, and leading change. This is the revolution. Will you join me?

I AM INTER-NATIONAL: I have lived in 10 different countries, and travelled to another 50+

i'm a manifestor (hd) + libra sun, sag rising, leo moon


Every month I love to create a new playlist, just for you. Dancing is an activator of the feminine, and if you want to work with me, you'll learn to weave dancing into your day to day. Unleash the primal & divine within you, get down and dirty, slow and sensual... Thank me later.