It’s my mission to support women, perhaps just like you, back to an embodied sense of empowerment, feeling at home in their skin, experiencing joy and pleasure in being in their feminine; wild, sensual, turned TF on, and living their most authentic life.

You see, I’m fighting an epidemic within the feminine: the struggle with chronic people pleasing, fear of expressing who we really are, with a lack of boundaries, feeling disconnected from our body, our sex, and our power, with a very dodgy relationship to our worthiness...

you feel me?

I love that you want to get to know me, you curious cat...
So, let me tell you a bit about who I am and how I may support you.



sound familiar?

Like a lot of people, I fell into the unhealthy masculine corporate life, I was lured by the tempting ways of the city, I worked a job where I felt “Imposter Syndrome” everyyyyyy day (and it sucked). So to soothe myself, I slept with people because I knew they wanted me and my fragile ego made me take them home, I binge drank at the weekend, suffered from disordered eating, rejected my monthly cycle & abused my body (& my power)…

I was totally disconnected from everything; my wild self, my authentic expression, my true nature, my real desires, & understanding my inherent worth. But I smacked a big smile on my face and said “I’m fine” when anyone asked how I was. 

but it my first ‘path’ looked veryyyyyyyy different
to what it does now

I had a huge wake up call in my early twenties and wanted out, fast. So I quit the 9-5 life, broke up with a long term boyfriend and swapped everything for a backpack and my independence, leaving life as I knew it because something needed to change. But  what I didn’t know was that I already had what I was looking for within, and I didn't need to "go find it", I just needed to remember it and embody it.

Along the way, I trained as a yoga teacher which connected me deeply to the body & to the importance of autonomous, self directed, “safe” choices. It also opened my eyes to superficial spirituality & engrained dogma rife in the “wellness” industry. I was then drawn into Tantric Temple Arts as I knew I was destined to work with feminine sexuality and archetypal wisdoms.

I actually don't have many "official" "certifications". I prefer to do things my way, so over the years I have formed my own path and way of doing what I do. There is no cookie cutter one-size-fits-all in how I hold space & guide women, but the spaces I create are all open, inclusive, and trauma-informed. Everything I teach and share is what I am currently practicing and inspired by. I am a Manifestor in Human Design, so if it's not alive in me, it's not aligned. I share from my own wisdoms and lived experiences, as well as teachings from my teachers and archetypal knowledge buried deep within my psyche.

The struggles I continue to see in women & the feminine collective at large - such as not being able to speak up, feeling disconnected from their bodies, feeling a lack of pleasure, feeling trapped, stuck, bored, frustrated, shrinking their “too muchness” - is my continuous calling to do more. To serve the feminine into her FULLness. 

Today, I deeply desire to support you to activate and awaken your powerful and sovereign feminine, because I know that we are rising as a collective and I know that we need YOU. Awake and alive. Embodied and empowered. Sovereign and sensual.

This is the Modern Feminine.

I am so fucking grateful to work with the most incredible women from all around the world in life-changing offerings and events both online and in person.

I know I'm doing it right when I have clients tell me after our work together: “This work has fired up my identity as a woman, deepening my understanding of patriarchy and helping me make new choices that are aligned with the Divine." It doesn't get much better than that.


Wanna know something else?


Fiona xx

And that is why I do what I do. Because how couldn’t I? It lights me the fuck up & turns me on sooo much to see women remembering their power, and claiming their wants, needs, & desires out in the world. This is the revolution. Will you join me?

I AM INTER-NATIONAL: I have lived in 10 different countries, and travelled to another 50+

I’m writing my first book… first draft to be completed early 2022!


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