Fiona McCoss is a women's mentor; activating embodied feminine empowerment and authentic self-expression. She is a lover of the sensual and erotic, wild & divine.



I like to push buttons with my brazenness⁠⁠.⁠⁠ I love to lean up against the edge, spikey & rough⁠⁠ - and I'll take you there, too⁠.⁠⁠ I want to inspire radical change in you, through embodying shared truths and beliefs⁠⁠.⁠⁠

I offer a mirror that reflects back what is being asked to be witnessed. I don't sugar coat life, I refuse to make things palatable⁠. I've surrendered my Good Girl to the pyre.
My path on this planet is to be a changemaker, a leader of the new paradigm, initiator for the modern feminine⁠⁠⁠. I am here to support women back into their bodies⁠⁠, to their inner knowing⁠⁠, their feminine wisdom⁠⁠ and power⁠. Into radical expression and empowerment.
I want to unshame sexuality⁠⁠. I want to unhinge jaws and unlock tongues⁠. ⁠Marry the primal with the divine, the dirty with the innocent⁠.
Women find me when they realise they are divorced and disconnected from something: mainly, their source of truth⁠⁠. ⁠When they realise they have been blindsided by the "shoulds" of our society⁠⁠ and are suffering for it now⁠.
I hold transformational containers of no-going-back⁠ where nothing will be the same again⁠⁠.⁠
If you've been looking for a doula to birth the unapologetically expressed woman into life⁠. you've found me. Here's your permission slip to be all of you, a denial of nothing⁠.

Welcome, woman. I'm so glad you're here.


"I've done years of therapy, soul searching, and plant medicine, but nothing has elevated my sense of self in such a clear way as this work. I've made more progress in these past few weeks than ever before."

rhianna, usa

"It’s not an exaggeration nor a cliché to say that nothing is ever the same after if you lean into (Fiona's) guidance and feminine intuition and allow her to stir things awake within you."

jade, australia

"Thank you for reminding me that I get to be my biggest fucking permission slip. It's like I've become a whole new person. You have activated and lead me into so much profound unravelling and reclamation."

what women say

As a little girl of seven I was fascinated with all things female-anatomy; vaginas, periods, boobies, I even discovered how to have an orgasm with a foam noodle in the pool. So it makes total sense that 30 years on I body-sovereignty, self-advocacy, pleasure, sexuality, empowerment, and expression is now my job.

But, in my teens and twenties I struggled with disordered eating as a symptom of my feeling a total lack of control and sovereignty (I went to  a boarding school I hated). Then, after going to University to study English Literature and Italian (I've always been good at languages) I ended up clinging to the corporate ladder, chasing validation for my value, totally not in tune with my true power that lay within. I had crazy imposter syndrome, I abused my body, and couldn't express myself without fear. I sought approval in all the wrong places, I couldn't see past the glass ceiling; I played in my shadow, I didn’t believe in myself or my gifts... but I smacked a big smile on my face, played the game, and said politely with a fixed smile: “I’m fine” when anyone asked how I was. 

Until one day enough was enough. I woke the fuck up. I smelt my own potential like a feral animal and I set off on a journey of self-discovery on an around-the-world adventure with nothing but a backpack, a laptop, and a hunger for my truth.

but I've had my own journey
 to get here, believe me

Over the last 8 years I have trained as a trauma-informed yoga teacher, a feminine embodiment coach, and women's transformational facilitator, supporting my trainings with personal study in the Tantric arts. I developed a fascination, too, with archetypal wisdom and my work also features a deep journeying into the psyche to unlock deeper feminine truths working intimately with the subconscious through shadow work.

I have supported hundreds of women all around the world in activating and awakening their powerful and unapologetic feminine energy. There is an awakening that can't be ignored. A return to the true power of the feminine embodied.

The struggles I continue to see in women and the feminine collective at large - such as not being able to find and share their voice, feeling disconnected from their bodies and sexuality, feeling a lack of pleasure, feeling trapped, stuck, bored, frustrated, shrinking their “too muchness” (you know what I mean) - is my continuous calling to do more. The time is now, sister.

It is my greatest fulfilment and deepest honour to support and champion women into their power through events and retreats, group programs, and private mentorship. Plus, I'm a Manifestor in HD so it's in my blueprint to activate and ignite the truth in you.

I know I'm doing it right when I have clients tell me after our work together: “This work has changed my life".

So - are you ready to change yours?


Wanna know something else?


Fiona xx

And that is why I do what I do. Because how couldn’t I? It lights me the fuck up & turns me on sooo much to see women remembering their power, claiming their wants, needs, & desires out in the world, and leading change. This is the revolution. Will you join me?

i've lived in 10 different countries, and travelled to another 50+

i'm a manifestor (hd) + libra sun, sag rising, leo moon


One of the ways to access the truest expression of the feminine is through movement - so come dance with me each week, with my song of the week delivered straight to your inbox, and learn to weave feminine embodiment into your daily routine. Unleash the primal & divine within you, get down and dirty, slow and sensual... Thank me later.