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Sunday 25th August 10am - 6pm, Shoreditch


Join Mistress Stone & Fiona McCoss in Shoreditch, London, on Sunday 25th August for a day of dark feminine and dominant exploration and embodiment. Fiona & Mistress Stone are both passionate in the dark feminine arts, and have teamed up to offer you something London has never seen before.

a full-day in person immersion to liberate your dark feminine and dominant energy


Working with your dark and dominant feminine energy can offer you many things, including:

more confidence
discernment & decision making
conscious communication
upholding boundaries
communicate desires clearly and unapologetically
empowered Yes's and No's
liberating desires
deeper intimacy
Increased self-trust and intuition
authentic unapologetic expression
deshaming the taboo
& more...

Are you ready to claim them?



Fiona’s passion for reconnecting to the primordial dark feminine power influences and inspires much of her work with women. For Femme Fatale, she will be guiding you through the portals of your body to unlock and unleash forgotten and forbidden feminine energy, supporting you to step into your fullest expression. Fiona will be sharing workshops, activations, and embodiment practices on potent dark erotic archetypes and their energetic signatures of magnetism, pleasure, and primal hunger to activate your inner dark feminine essence.

Mistress Stone will be leading you to dive deep into your untapped reservoir of dominant energy. Prepare to shed inhibitions and step into your power as we explore the art of commanding presence, conscious communication, and loving, authentic power. Whether you're a curious novice or a seasoned dominant, this workshop will elevate your skills and deepen your self-understanding. Be ready to challenge yourself, connect with like-minded individuals, and unlock a new level of personal empowerment that will ripple through every aspect of your life.

the dark muse


rhi, usa

"Nothing is ever the same after if you lean into Fiona's guidance and feminine intuition"

victoria, uk

"I apologise no more, I have boundaries. My foundations have never been more strongly grounded."

divine, usa

"I feel empowered to honor the dark feminine, embodying the erotic, sensual and sexual expression without shame."

em, uk

"I uncovered layers of my erotic energy that I didn't know lay hidden away inside me."

brooke, uK

"If you want authentic leadership, Fiona is the woman. She will hold you fiercly to where you want to go."


“I’ve never felt such a powerful transformational growth in such a short space of time."


join us IRL on 25th august, 10am - 6pm
at fire + alchemy, shoreditch

Feminine Embodiment Practices

Dark Feminine Activations

Archetype Workshops

Somatic Awakening

Dominatrix Workshops

Enter the world of the Dominatrix

Claiming your Authentic Voice

Accessing Deep Desires

Partner practices

Authentic Sisterhood & Connection

And more…

what to expect:

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spaces are limited

early bird until 9th august

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your hosts

Fiona is a women's mentor and transformational facilitator in service to wild feminine embodiment, the erotic, and the authentic. She is passionate about awakening and activating "unapologetic" feminine energy and guiding women back to the truth of their body, their sexuality, their voice, their pleasure, and their purpose. Fiona supports clients through her signature online programs, one-to-one mentorship, she also teaches her WILD FEMININE Facilitator & Leadership Training, as well as runs international retreats.

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Fiona McCoss

Mistress Stone is a professional and lifestyle Dominatrix, guiding women to unlock their own innate dominance, their inner power, fostering a deeper connection to their authentic sexual expression. Her approach transforms not just intimate dynamics, and professional realms but many aspects of life. Creating safe spaces for exploration and growth, her methods emphasise instinctual power, emotional intelligence, and authentic self-expression. Mistress Stone is a professional dominatrix, kink educator, photographer and coach. Guiding people via one-to-one and group coaching sessions, transformative photography and workshops, and immersive retreats.

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Mistress Stone

Frequently Asked Questions

where and when is the event?

The event is in Fire + Alchemy in Shoreditch. Running 10am - 6pm on Sunday 25th August 2024. There will be an hours break for lunch (lunch not included).

can i bring a friend?

Absolutely! The more the merrier. I encourage you to buy a ticket separately so we can contact you both with all the information, just in case.

what if i can't make the event, do you offer refunds?

All sales are final. If you can't make it at the last minute, try sell it to a friend or let me know as there might be a Waitlist if we sell out early.