step unapologetically into your dark feminine energy 


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You know you're the woman who has a swirling fire in your belly. Profanity drips on your tongue. You don't fit in any box. And you desire to use your feminine power for leadership, creativity, pleasure, influence, impact, and innovation - but you've always been told you're Too Much of it all. You know you're here to ruffle feathers; create a storm, awaken change. Now is the time to stop apologising. Your She Devil, the dark feminine nature within, is the thing you didn't know you needed to reclaim and remember so that you can thrive in your power, magick, mystery, and erotic magnetism as the woman, lover, leader, creatrix, visionary, disruptor that you are. She is calling. Join the Waitlist for 2024.


reclaim your most misunderstood dark feminine powers

give it to me

You're outspoken in your beliefs + DNGAF what anyone thinks
You feel 10x more confident in your body + know exactly how to ask for what you like
You feel hot AF + are dripping with confidence turning heads wherever you go
You've turned on your erotic and creative energy + your expression has a new authentic edge
You're taking up more space + are trailblazing a new way
You accept all of your wild emotions and needs + ride your seasons and  cycles with grace
You stop plucking those grey hairs + love what you see in the mirror



Returning to your Dark Feminine nature can offer you what you've been seeking....

"Her dark is nothing but her denied feminine. It is primal, not evil. As her fear is disappearing, she’s refusing to live in guilt anymore. She’s untangling from shame, the single most powerful weapon to chain her.  Her frequent journeys underground have revealed to her the immense power of the dark.  She’s discovering she was never evil." Sukhvinder Sircar

rhi, usa

"Nothing is ever the same after if you lean into Fiona's guidance and feminine intuition"

victoria, uk

"I apologise no more, I have boundaries. My foundations have never been more strongly grounded."

divine, usa

"I feel empowered to honor the dark feminine, embodying the erotic, sensual and sexual expression without shame."

em, uk

"I uncovered layers of my erotic energy that I didn't know lay hidden away inside me."

brooke, uK

"If you want authentic leadership, Fiona is the woman. She will hold you fiercly to where you want to go."


“I’ve never felt such a powerful transformational growth in such a short space of time."


i'm ready

We were told to chase the light, the love, to look pretty, be meek and well behaved. We have been told to avoid the darkness. We've been told to deny our gifts and powers. We've been taught to disconnect. To disembody. But we're in denial; our darkness must be integrated. We must return to our truth. We must descend

Dare to dance with your She Devil. To strip yourself bare of the chains of Patriarchal conditioning that tells you you're "wrong". Throw resistance onto the fire and watch it burn. We will rise as the She Devils we are. Dark, dirty, and divine, mystical, magickal. That is your power. That is your truth.




You feel ashamed for sexual nature, kinks, and desires
You censor your values and appearance  to fit in
You have a fear of getting older and less attractive
You're disconnected from your blood and body
You have a painful sexual history
You have a fear of being "found out" by your community
You're afraid to reveal your magickal and psychic gifts
You're a bit Type-A, rigid, and obsessed with order
You're desperate to not be single and become a “spinster”
You're cold and closed off to attraction and intimacy


she devil

Let's return to our power.
Are you ready for the shadow work?

All of us have inherited She Devil wounds through living in a Patriarchal world and having to disown, deny, and disconnect from our innate "unholy" dark feminine. Which ones activate you, below?

It's time to celebrate our wild chaos, the cycles of death and rebirth, the deep void between our legs, our erotic desire.  It's time to be the devil on the shoulder of the collective Good Girl and tempt her into truth. It's time to tear off the veils of illusion and let the world know what a fully expressed woman, in her shameless dark spectrum, feels like in her power. 

Trusting intuitive hits and using spells for success.

1. Wild Woman

Channel the Dark Feminine energy of...

2. witch




3. hag

Making bold moves and claiming your territory.

Having the wisdom to let things go, withdraw, & rest.

Sharing your skills shamelessly (in bed & biz).

Knowing you have what everyone wants.

i want this

This journey is a strong medicine for the woman who is tired of putting on a smile and saying Yes Sir Please Sir. It's a potent awakening for She who wants to be all of herself but still finds herself performing. It's a journey of No Return to the System of enslaved minds and controlled bodies.

Together, in sacred sisterhood over six weeks, you will retrieve and reconcile with chained and shamed stories of what a "dark" and "unholy" woman was and turn them into strengths of psyche, body, and spirit to step unapologetically into your womanhood, alive in your wild, erotic, cyclical, intuitive, magnetic, and magickal powers. 

You need not be afraid. This is a reclamation of who you already are.

& DAngerous

DIRTY, dark,

let us overthrow the pain, shame, and blame of being a powerful dark feminine woman and let the world feel the might of her unleashed & unapologetic.



You’ll be given a private log in to a group portal (Teachable) where you’ll find the session recordings (available for-eh-verrrrrr) as well as the practices and all the course content.

Awaken your dark feminine powers through practice, movement and ritual. You'll receive five curated playlists to bring into daily embodiment practice as you awaken to your feminine eros, wild, and wisdom, as well as suggested rituals, spells, and challenges.




5 x

You'll receive a downloadable workbook each week to deepen into the energy and gifts of the dark feminine archetype, Goddess myth, and energy, full of content, journal prompts, shadow work, self-inquiry and suggested practices to do at home.

We will gather for 7 live Covens, on Zoom, including five weekly dark feminine transmissions to activate and awaken each of the archetypes, plus an Opening and Closing Circle. All covens will be recorded.


7 x LIVE

She Devil includes:

There will be a private coven community in Telegram for support, sisterhood, Q&As, insights, and dark feminine magick throughout the duration of the journey.



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Your Dark Feminine Priestess, Fiona

I am passionate about guiding women into their bodies, their power, and their eros as the pillars of authentic self-expression and feminine leadership. My gifts are invoking the dark, the divine, the sensual, and the erotic, calling women into their untamed power. I am inspired by all things unapologetic, awakening the unsaid and the undomesticated within us.

I know, first hand, that dark feminine archetypal wisdom offers us a gateway into untapped power and potency - and it was to this wisdom I was awoken in 2017, with an initiation from my Wild Woman. Since then, I have immersed myself in feminine wisdom, embodiment, and energy practices and I have shared them with women around the world as a mentor, activator, and retreat facilitator.

Together we will cast off the chains of patriarchy, tear down the veils of illusion, and return to truth. This is a coming home. There's no going back.

antonia, finland

"Your wisdom, insights, and energy activates me. Thank you for holding space so incredibly generously & powerfully. "

rhianna, usa

"It’s not an exaggeration to say that nothing is ever the same after if you lean into her guidance and feminine intuition and allow her to stir things awake within you."

GRACE, canada

""I've done years of therapy, soul searching, and plant medicine, but nothing has elevated my sense of self in such a clear way as this."

grace, canada

"The freedom I experienced from the insights of our work together is unparalleled."

cici, uk

"I feel like I'm walking onwards with so much momentum and power behind me and with the clarity I needed."

victoria, uk

"I apologise no more, I have boundaries. My foundations have never been more strongly grounded."

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