Many of us are feeling the void, and we can get stuck in the uncertainty of traversing the unknown. It feels threatening, fearful – what next? when will it end? It's painful and confusing. This Masterclass will guide you through archetypal awareness to the wisdom of your Serpentine Woman to trust in the powerful and cyclical nature of your feminine.

A tw0-hour masterclass & ARCHETYPAL ACTIVATION to Navigate the season of transition, nURTURE THE REBIRTH, and find comfort in THE GROWING PAINS OF your cyclical nature

If you're feeling constricted, like the skin you're in is too small – this is for you.

If you're wondering "WTF next" – this is for you.

If you're feeling ungrounded and impatient - this is for you.

If you're wanting to find grace & ease in the transition - this is for you.

If you're desiring connection and reassurance that you are not
alone in the void – this is for you.

the power to shed
the power to start over
the power to cycle through seasons and energies
the power to navigate constriction into expansion
the power of rebirth

Serpentine Woman is for those who are seeking to remember some of their most
powerful feminine gifts:


meet your serpentine woman

One-time Payment:

Upon purchase you will receive access to the content & materials including the Masterclass (video), Downloadable Workbook, and a curated Playlist.


Hi, I'm Fiona

Truth-speaker, activator,
no BS-taker, wild, sensual, & loving leader of the unapologetic feminine

I am known for leading women to their edges, invoking the dark and the divine. I'm not afraid to activate you - that's my job (and I love it). Stick around if you get a kink out of the subversive⁠⁠, if you're done with the tidy boxes of the conventional⁠, and you speak the language of the untameable. I'll seduce you into wildly loving yourself, fully claiming your desires, and taking up space boldly and brazenly. Want to know more...?


amy, usa

"A life changing, core moment in my life. I met a part of myself that I have not allowed before."

camila, uk

"I love how safe you make us feel, holding the perfect cauldron for us to connect, shed skin, and dig deep."

Venus, uk

"Wow what an absolutely magical evening of self devotion, pleasure and ritual. Fiona's energy is magnetic."


em, uk

"I uncovered layers of my erotic energy that I didn't know lay hidden away inside me."

shayne, usa

"I felt empowered, powerful, sensual, sexy and more embodied than I've felt in a loooong time."

pip, uk

"It was so nourishing, sensual, and just straight up sexy!! It's like no other virtual gathering I've done."