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remember why you're worthy of the love you want to receive & BECOME THE WOMAN WHO HAS HERSELF FIRST AND FOREMOST.

When a woman is in love with herself, when she is the embodiment of a self lover, she transforms the world around her. She is a fucking catalyst for change. She is the new paradigm shifter.

The relationship with yourself is the most important and is the foundation for and stepping stone to everything else - so creating a devotional "inner couple" is a commitment, yes (like all relationships) - it is a daily effort of showing up for yourself because you are worthy of it.

SELF LOVER is a refreshing and accessible reminder of why it is so important to commit to YOU - to your body, to worship, to your worthiness - giving you tools in how to understand your needs, how to trust your inner masculine, understand what is cockblocking you from a delicious self love affair - so you can decide to change today.

learn to love yourself, fully


embody your inherent worthiness
 understand your inner polarity (feminine + masculine)
stop cockblocking yourself from (your own) love
re-code the imprint of what self love means
understand blocks & limitations around receiving / giving
stop putting your needs & wants behind others
expressing yourself fully in intimacy
"feel" more than you "think"
reconnect to your true self, desires, and needs
combat the feeling of "I'm not enough"

treat yourself to Self Lover
if you're ready to

amy, usa

"A life changing, core moment in my life. I met a part of myself that I have not allowed before."

camila, uk

"I love how safe you make us feel, holding the perfect cauldron for us to connect, shed skin, and dig deep."

Venus, uk

"Wow what an absolutely magical evening of self devotion, pleasure and ritual. Fiona's energy is magnetic."


em, uk

"I uncovered layers of my erotic energy that I didn't know lay hidden away inside me."

shayne, usa

"I felt empowered, powerful, sensual, sexy and more embodied than I've felt in a loooong time."

pip, uk

"It was so nourishing, sensual, and just straight up sexy!! It's like no other virtual gathering I've done."



note: this is a pre-recorded playshop

i am a self lover

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Upon purchase you will receive access to the playshop materials including a 2-hour Recording (Video),  Downloadable Workbook, curated Playlist, Body Meditation (Audio), Self Love Vows (Audio Practice), and Downloadable Affirmations

Hi, I'm Fiona

Truth speaker, trailblazer, no BS taker, lover, writer, & leader of the unapologetic feminine

I’m a fierce and loving space holder, a way-shower of the future, and guide back to Self. If you hang around, you’re in danger of being seduced into your own feminine potential and power.

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