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gather, embody, move, explore, & worship the deep feminine within

bare the nakedness of your soul, adventure into the sensual, the erotic, the chaotic, the wild, the ecstatic; trust in the deep feminine and how she moves through you; for she is guiding you home


Temples are gateways, portals; to embodiment, feeling, pleasure, homecoming.

They are what women have created and where they have gathered for millennia and these sacred spaces used to form an important part of the ways of the culture & of community building.

They were spaces where women used to gather in service and devotion, to one another, the feminine, to life force, and through their body-prayers, to the earth.

Temple spaces are sacred spaces that welcome eros, sensuality, nakedness (of the soul), and full expression.

They are spaces that activate, awaken, soothe, and regulate: each temple has unique energy for everyone.

These spaces invite the sensual, the erotic, the chaotic, the wild, the ecstatic, the deep feminine… without pressure, or performance, or expectation.

They are sacred spaces where friendships blossom and deepen, where platonic love grows, and where new connections are made through the opening of vulnerable hearts.

A remembering of these ancient-time Temple spaces, for the modern feminine, is what I desire to cultivate here in my local community, regularly for women to come together, meet, connect and express in deep intimacy.

aka: your monthly dose of feminine nourishment

We will be calling upon a unique essence and expression of the feminine, to support you in unlocking ancient codes and energies; through embodiment, ritual, sharing, practice, presence, & authentic connection.

Together, will meet the wild, the sensual, the seductive, the erotic, the loving, the emotional, the ever-changing aspects of ourselves and bring them to life in a contained and intimate space at the Zed Shed, Penryn (Cornwall). Let's gather to celebrate & unleash the feminine.

a flavour of SACRED WOMAN

Groups run by women are our psychic turf; our place to discover who we are, who we could become, as whole independent beings. Somewhere in our lives, each of us needs a free place. A little psychic territory.

 Gloria Steinem

feminine embodiment
pleasure + intimacy practices
sensual empowerment
emotional release
archetypal activations
erotic expression
sharing circle
connect with local sisterhood

each SACRED WOMAN gathering will focus on a different energy, aspect & archetype of the feminine and everyone will receive their own transmission & experience their own experiences. there is nothing to be "expected" from these events as each one is unique in itself

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"You are such a powerful guide and I honestly can’t speak highly enough of you. These past three months have changed my life for-ev-er and I am a stronger and MUCH more embodied, self-devoted woman because of you. The things you teach are priceless. I’m more connected with my body, womb, pussy, and all around feminine intuition and energy (not to mention the masc with his boundaries and drive) than ever and I’ve come to know -remember- my worth; I can’t wait to spill and reflect that outwards. I’m soooo grateful. Thank you so much for holding such a loving, accepting, and real space, thank you for supporting me no matter the state I was in, thank you for pushing me to inquire deeper and lean into discomfort."

"I’m more connected with my body, womb, pussy, and all around feminine intuition and energy"

andrea, usa

"What The Erotic Feminine did for me was another life changing layer. Fiona told me it was ok to express parts of myself... I hear her voice in my soul saying fuck what the neighbors think! Her soul is sincere and her passion to pass on a gift is worth every dollar and more. I would recommend her to anyone needing a lovely yet assertive shove to embrace who you really are."

"life changing"


Doing this work with other women is the deepest honour & sheds so many other layers of conditioning & shame that I didn’t know I carried. I have walked away feeling so deeply connected & PROUD of all of myself, the sensual, the dirty, the wild - all of it. I am in awe of women, the journeys we go through & the healing we undergo is unbelievable. Fiona carried us through this journey with so much love - her guidance was soft & tender but equally strong & supportive, she’s the most incredible teacher & such a gift to this world. She will change your life, in the most magical ways.[Unleash The Goddess Retreat] went deeper than I ever imagined - in all the best juicy ways, it was drenched in sensual magic that has filled me up with empowerment & so much deep tender love.”

“I’ve never felt such a powerful transformational growth in such a short space of time."

Hi, I'm Fiona

Truth speaker, trailblazer, no BS taker, lover, writer, & leader of the unapologetic feminine

I’m a fierce and loving space holder, a way-shower of the future, and guide back to Self. If you hang around, you’re in danger of being seduced into your own feminine potential and power.