deepen into your feminine power

SIX month journey by application only


a life of purpose, passion, prosperity


dripping with confidence

open to receive, limitlessly & deliciously

feeling better than you ever have before


You are braver, wilder, bolder than you know and you have sacred desires and a big vision the world needs to see. You are here to be ALL of you. Nothing less. OBSIDIAN will take you to the core of you; your fire & your power.

Leader. Lover. Creatrix. Activator. Rebel. Mother. Visionary. Artist. Coach. Teacher. Priestess. Magick Weaver... This is what you've been looking for.

Now it's time, you're ready. The years of work you've put in are all for this next step because this six month journey is one of no return. There will be a You "before", and a You "after". Trust me. But you have to be willing to go all in...

OBSIDIAN: created by the fire of the earth; volcanic; dark and reflective; seer of the shadow and subconscious; potent; shamanic; for the brave and daring; those ready for change and depth;  grounding; protective; energetic freedom; "Warrior of Truth".

let's do it

ashley, usa

"If you want authentic leadership, Fiona is the woman. She will hold you fiercly to where you want to go."

alice, uk

"There are NO WORDS to describe the changes that have happened since working together. Thank you."

brooke, canada

"Working with Fiona is one of the most expansive things you will ever do. Do it. You will not regret it."

grace, canada

"The freedom I experienced from the insights of our work together is unparalleled."

cici, uk

"I feel like I'm walking onwards with so much momentum and power behind me and with the clarity I needed."

victoria, uk

"I apologise no more, I have boundaries. My foundations have never been more strongly grounded."

HEAR it from these women

liberating your FULL expression
to be wildly satiated & fulfilled

dropping any remaining fucks at the door

dripping your truth all over
(and being known for it)

taking up all the damn space
(and more)

embodying + channelling your CREATIVE JUICE INTO WILD SUCCESS

say yes to

DARK/LIGHT enrgetics
nervous system regulation
transmute pain into power
next-level leadership

Themes & Modalities

oh, hell, yes

This 1:1 journey creates instant shifts. I know because every woman who works with me, tells me. From the moment they say YES to working together, something inside clicks. This journey is my most intimate & in depth offering & is a tailored-for-you bespoke experience over six months. We go all in; addressing everything and anything you desire in leadership, confidence, relationships, embodiment, sexuality self-worth - ALL of it is welcome (and all of it is related). We take an intimate exploration & deep embodiment of what it is you want & how it is you want to feel as you rise into your embodied feminine leadership, power, + self expression.

DISCLAIMER: This journey is not a "quick fix" kinda thing. 1) I don't believe in fixing, 2) the feminine energy thrives with space, safety, and depth; six months allows us time to integrate the depth (with options to extend at the end if you want even more). OBSIDIAN is a committed journey that calls both you and me in to co-create this container where BIG transformation happens. Prepare to be taken out of your comfort zone, lovingly pushed to your limits, cheered & celebrated, and honoured like the badass Queen you are. I can already feel your true potential - so let's make it so the world can feel it, too.

OBSIDIAN is a potent immersion for the disruptor, the activator,
the bold AF unapologetic feminine

OBSIDIAN is a bespoke journey to support you specifically. These are a list of the modalities and themes we may touch on and bring into the mix. No journey is the same.

fuck yes

to be the bold AF leader
you were born to be



here’s a snippet
of my journey

I have a deep desire to be different; to do things my way. I don't want to be predictable. Gross. And I don't want you to be either. I want all of us to fuck the trends, fuck the shoulds; to fuck up the status quo, to challenge the systems that be.

I want you to be YOU, babe. And that means leading yourself into your truth. Over these past few years in particular, I have done exactly that: stepped more and more into my natural leadership and followed my innate qualities of being a no-bullshit-taker, activator, initiator, and straight-talker.

The results? Wild fulfilment and joy. I found my people through my purpose. It was so easeful. The more I used my voice and dripped my truth all over, the more people resonated because they felt that same truth - because they found my mission.

In metrics, I quadrupled my income from 2020 to 2021, grew 10k followers on Instagram in 1 year, continuously fill my offerings with the most incredible women... All because I committed to me. To my vision. And I show up each day to follow the beat of my own drum. All because I trusted I was here for greatness and I knew there was more to be had, this isn't just about me, this is about you, and us.

There is no "method" to be taught, so let that go. This is about going in and feeling your own desires for more. To radically unapologetically align to your truth and voice and power.

Leadership is Liberation, and vice versa. And I am devoted to supporting women to step up into their next-level fully embodied, unapologetic AF leadership because I know the world is ready for this. I know you are, too.

So I'm calling the rebel leader in you who wants to do it her way, too. I'm a Manifestor in HD so it's in my blueprint to activate and ignite the truth in you. Because I know you want that, as well.

Here's the thing: we don't have to follow the rules. We can make our own and, as embodied feminine leaders, actually create a new way. 

This is what OBSIDIAN will support you with. This is your permission slip to embody your desire. To be who you really are. To follow the beat of your own drum. To dare to be different. To be who you were born to be - and dare I say it MORE, because we all love a challenge. I can't wait to work with you and watch you rise.

PS: I believe everyone is a leader, you just have to step up to the challenge.


Surprises, Freebies, and access to Extra Resources

Six months of UNLIMITED text support for momentum, extra coaching, BFF love, and all those in-between moments



Personalised “Homeplay,” self-inquiry, activations, & explorations

Three 1-to-1 Sessions per month (18 total)


OBSIDIAN includes:

claim it

liberated. activated. abundant.

The Activation starts with your YES.
Take yourself into the depths...


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The Investment



sarah, uk

"I honestly do not have the words for the transformation that happened in our three short and powerful months together. You held me accountable, you saw the woman in me I couldn't fully grasp yet, you encouraged me lovingly and fiercely each step of the way. There were tears, ecstasy, joy, pleasure and you witnessed all of it as I became myself, again. Only better! My whole life has been changed since our time together, my work has exploded, my relationship is so much spicier (phew!), my connection to my body is re-vitalised and I have a deep anchored knowing of how powerful I am. Honestly, I cannot thank you enough for the space that you hold and the guidance you offer with the work you do. You truly see the best and want for the best in every woman, and I am so grateful to have received that first hand."

"My work has exploded, my relationship is so much spicier, my connection to my body is re-vitalised"


"Thank you so much. You are such a powerful guide and I honestly can’t speak highly enough of you. These past three months have changed my life for-ev-er and I am a stronger and MUCH more embodied, self-devoted woman because of you. The things you teach are priceless. I’m more connected with my body, womb, pussy, and all around feminine intuition and energy (not to mention the masc with his boundaries and drive) than ever and I’ve come to know -remember- my worth; I can’t wait to spill and reflect that outwards. I’m soooo grateful. Thank you so much for holding such a loving, accepting, and real space, thank you for supporting me no matter the state I was in, thank you for pushing me to inquire deeper and lean into discomfort."

"I am a stronger and MUCH more embodied, self-devoted woman because of you."


"Thank you for holding me in all my states. For allowing what needed to be seen and felt... I will remember this part of my journey for the rest of my life... I connected deeply with the energies of the dark feminine within myself which in turn happened to bring out the masculine parts of me too, a part of me I had shunned away. Fiona was wonderful and supportive showing me some practices I could do to connect more with this part of myself. I continued to practice owning these parts of myself and came to the realisation that I didn't identify solely with the gender of woman and I transitioned into a non-binary human."

“Fiona is a kind, safe and loving guide on this journey and I highly recommend  her."