your best kept secret lies within

unlock your mystery codes

This journey is for women - new paradigm leaders, coaches, artists, & creators - who desire to awaken to more of their innate feminine power to unlock their creativity and confidence; eros and energy, magick and magnetism, pleasure and power.

Let your feminine open you into your most fully expressed self.
This is your permission slip.

Over 7 weeks you'll awaken and embody seven archetypes to unlock untapped wisdom, power, and expression:


reconnect to your sensual body and experience life in abundance and rich connection

unblock your creative channels, receive from the divine, and birth your magick into the world

tune into your instinctual truth & unapologetically take up space with authenticity

channel your erotic expression into everything you do & get paid for what you love doing

feel magnetic, connected to your dark feminine power, and dropped into seductive confidence

become a magickal medicine woman & alchemise what you've outgrown

root into your authority as a leader & creator who knows WTF she's about

THIS JOURNEY IS FOR YOU if you desire to


“Fiona is the most empowering and embodied teacher that speaks with such truth and power”

grace, canada

 "I am a stronger and much more embodied, self-devoted woman because of you. Priceless."

cici, uk

"I feel like I'm walking onwards with so much momentum and power behind me and with the clarity I needed."

es, UK

"I am deeply grateful to her for this work. I unreservedly recommend Fiona as a mentor.”


“I’ve never felt such a powerful transformational growth in such a short space of time.”

kelly, usa

"I already feel so much more empowered and have been able to express myself in ways I never have before."

HEAR it from these women

The cliché is true: the truth, the magick, the power is already within you.


The key to embodying yourself (the woman who know you are, completely) lies in the total unfiltered unapologetic acceptance of who you are as a whole. Your multi-faceted self: ALL of you.

Most of us operate through a fixed system of beliefs, mindset, stories, shame… beliefs about "who we are" or "who we should be" - we don’t even know who we could be at our fullest; we can’t fathom the potential of our fullness. Until, for example, we see a reflection, someone owning a flavour that we have yet to meet, or that we have repressed deep into the shadows. We can feel triggered or activated, magnetised towards or repelled away from the exact thing it is we want more of.

Something becomes awakened in our subconscious when a new possibility, expression, desire, or energy has been remembered; an activation of an ancient knowing - a blueprint.

Archetypes are collective energies and psychic imprints which have a language of their own, a feeling of their own, an expression of their own, a power of their own: a blueprint of their own.

They are the the gatekeepers of your full feminine empowerment and embodiment and it’s to these energies that we want to open ourselves to, fully, so that we may remember all of the multifaceted expressions, gifts, and powers we contain as women.



She who awakens you to your desires; infuses your life and leadership with passion and excitement, steering you towards your dreams through deep relationship with all around you

1. Lover

Meet the Archetypes:

2. Creatrix

3. Wild Woman

4. Whore

5. Seductress

She who awakens you to envision, create, and birth your magick with her cyclical rhythms; manifesting with the divine; she is the vessel through which you channel your greatness

She who awakens you to the truth; cuts through BS, fights for justice; supporting you to claim your space & uphold boundaries; activating change and liberating mediocrity

She who awakens you to your powerful feminine sexuality; she teaches you how to sell your gifts with ease, pride, and pleasure; delighting in money and success

She who awakens you to the power of seduction and magnetism, anchored into the unseen world of the feminine; mysterious and alluring - the sacred tease

6. Witch

She who awakens you to your inner oracle & alchemist; lifting the veil, casting spells of intention; guiding the death and rebirth innate in all feminine cycles and creations

7. Empress

She who awakens the integrated sovereign feminine creator and leader within you; who reins from her throne, anchored in her authority; in her lane and on purpose





You’ll be given a private log in to a group portal (Teachable) where you’ll find the weekly session recordings (available for-eh-verrrrrr) as well as practices and playlists.

Embody the archetypes through practice, movement and ritual. You'll receive seven curated playlists to bring into daily embodiment practice as you open to your feminine wisdom, as well as suggested rituals and challenges.




7 x

You'll receive a downloadable workbook each week to deepen into the archetype between the live calls; full of archetypal content, journal prompts, shadow work, self inquiry, and homeplay.

Every week we'll gather as a group to activate and awaken one of the seven archetypes, live in a 90-min Zoom call. These calls will be interactive workshop style, with space for conversation, embodiment, and Q&A.


7 x live

Feminine Blueprint includes:

Let your feminine blueprint be your best kept secret.

pay in full

2x £390



pay in full

The Investment

Note: this is a self-paced journey to start whenever, keep forever.

two payments

ashley, usa

"If you want authentic leadership, Fiona is the woman. She will hold you fiercly to where you want to go."

alice, uk

"There are NO WORDS to describe the changes that have happened since working together. Thank you."

brooke, canada

"Working with Fiona is one of the most expansive things you will ever do. Do it. You will not regret it."

grace, canada

"The freedom I experienced from the insights of our work together is unparalleled."

cici, uk

"I feel like I'm walking onwards with so much momentum and power behind me and with the clarity I needed."

victoria, uk

"I apologise no more, I have boundaries. My foundations have never been more strongly grounded."

HEAR it from these women

Hey, queen. I'm Fiona.

I am a women's mentor and rebel queen leader in service to feminine power and leadership. I am inspired by all things unapologetic, awakening the unsaid and the undomesticated within us, and creating space for women around the world to embody their full power and expression and create big impact by doing what they love. thriving and not surviving.

I know, first hand, that feminine archetypal wisdom offers us a gateway into untapped power and potency - and it was to this wisdom I was awoken in 2017, with an initiation from my Wild Woman. Since then, it has woven its way through my world and into my work as I have awoken and activated new layers of psychic knowing and stepped into deeper truths of feminine energetic embodiment. 

Over the years I realised it was this mysterious and unseen world within the subconscious, in the watery realms of our psyche, that contained the blueprint of our superpower. It's less something to be taught as something to be remembered, reactivated, and awoken.

It’s my mission to support women like you, new paradigm leaders, coaches, and creators, so that you can weave this blueprint into your passion and purpose, and take it to the next-level.

The feminine way is the only way.