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Ready to spend this summer feeling juicy AF, turned on, dropped in; dancing, liberated, connected to the pleasure centres of your body?

Good, me too.

But here's the truth: the “issue” as to why you're feeling meh, unmotivated, and a little low in the sexy vibes department isn’t because of a lack of chemistry with your partner, or a lack of inspiration in your life/work, or a lack of trying...  The “issue” is simple: body disconnect; a lack of embodied eros..

If you're like FUCK YES get me pulsing with aliveness and excitement *wink* you're invited to join me for a FREE 2-hour Masterclass: Embodied Eros.

you don’t need a man to feel like a well-fucked woman


Audre Lorde

"We tend to think of the erotic as an easy, tantalizing sexual arousal. I speak of the erotic as the deepest life force, a force which moves us toward living in a fundamental way."

activated with erotic feminine wisdom

turned on and connected to your body

confident in your self-expression

creatively and sexually inspired

shameless with your desires

in touch with the many flavours of your feminine nature

& more...

woman, do you desire to be...


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Erotic Sovereignty

Different Flavours of Sexual Energy

Asking for What You Want

De-Shaming the Sexual Body

Reclaiming our Pleasure from Patriarchy

Sexuality & Sensuality

Wounds & Shadows

& So Much More...

what we'll explore:

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pre-recorded from 3rd july 2024




your host

Fiona is a Women's Mentor & Embodiment Facilitator and she is passionate about guiding women back to their bodies, their power, their pleasure, and their erotic expression. Fiona is a lover of the wild, the sensual, the dark, and the divine, and she will seduce you into shamelessly loving yourself, fully claiming your body, and taking up space with your unapologetic feminine essence.

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Fiona McCoss