a devotional six-month journey


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Mmm yessss, you feel me?

This deep and immersive container – a fusion of 1:1 and group mentorship – is more intimate and more powerful than any I have created before because it is not just about me teaching or taking you along a textbook journey, it will be guided by the emergent energy, by the feminine, by the body, by the mystery, by the dark, by the desire, and by you.

COVEN is a sacred, supportive and uncensored space of deep activation for the modern feminine; through the expression & cultivation of eros, aliveness, truth, wisdom, recognition, potential, and embodiment. A space of realness, rawness, and fierce love.

In 6 months, really anything can happen as we journey with the feminine, the mystery, the seasons, the light & dark.

all of you is welcome here
just as you are
soft & strong
primal & divine
unapologetic & INSPIRED
together, in sisterhood


COVEN is for the woman desiring deep feminine embodiment, ritual & devotion, sacred mastery of her inner energies, yin & yang in harmony, so that she can be in full ownership of her dreams and desires, pleasures, and powers.

She who desires to embody her power and own her truth

She who wants to strip away wounding & anchor into trust of the feminine

She who desires to leave a legacy of thought, change, art, word

She who wants to listen to the oracle that is her body

She who wants to channel her unapologetic creatrix

She who wants to deepen into her true knowing and challenge her Imposters

She who wants to throw out the rule book and write her own

She who already knows who She is – and wants to become all of Her

She who has a hunger for MORE, and she wants it now…



“Fiona is the most empowering and embodied teacher that speaks with such truth and power”

grace, canada

 "I am a stronger and much more embodied, self-devoted woman because of you. Priceless."

cici, uk

"I feel like I'm walking onwards with so much momentum and power behind me and with the clarity I needed."

es, UK

"I am deeply grateful to her for this work. I unreservedly recommend Fiona as a mentor.”


“I’ve never felt such a powerful transformational growth in such a short space of time.”

kelly, usa

"I already feel so much more empowered and have been able to express myself in ways I never have before."

HEAR it from these women

We're forming a collective of feminine power houses, deep feeling beings, heart-womb-and-pussy-centred souls, rebels, wild women, witches, lovers, intuitives, healers, artists, change-makers, space-takers, movers-and-shakers, the new paradigm of feminine leaders (and if you don’t consider yourself “one yet” you will!).

This journey is a space for showing up in your whole spectrum self (both light & dark, pain & pleasure, wild & soft). Radical self-expression, self-ownership, self-leadership, self-accountability, and self-expansion is the vibe.

Gathering over six slow & spacious months, January – June 2022, we will flow through the death of winter, the re-birth of spring, and into the life and fullness of summer together.

Calling the future feminine leaders of the new paradigm



your average "program" with a "you will get this at the end if you join" promise - it's wayyy deeper, sexier, & more mysterious


a potent journey of unfolding unique for each & every woman; what is needed will reveal itself for specifically for her


it is a journey of both AND

mystery / teachings
community / self leadership
clarifying / dissolving
practice / play
movement / stillness
inner / outer
receiving / contributing
expansion / contraction
refinement / growth
unlearning / learning

in presence, devotion, feeling, and wild inspiration we will journey based on what's alive and attuned to what desires to emerge

over six potent months because we know slower & deeper is better
mmmmm yesssss

COVEN is a journey for the
feminine, led by the feminine



Women who feel a full FUCK, YES.

There are seats for 13 women who instinctively know
they are ready to be inside. Who know, without needing
to be persuaded; this is for Me.

Charlotte, uk

"Doing this work with other women is the deepest honour & sheds so many other layers of conditioning & shame that I didn’t know I carried. I have walked away feeling so deeply connected & PROUD of all of myself, the sensual, the dirty, the wild - all of it. I am in awe of women, the journeys we go through & the healing we undergo is unbelievable. Fiona carried us through this journey with so much love - her guidance was soft & tender but equally strong & supportive, she’s the most incredible teacher & such a gift to this world. She will change your life, in the most magical ways."

“I’ve never felt such a powerful transformational growth in such a short space of time." 


"She has encouraged me to lean into the different sacred feminine archetypes, recognise myself fully, as well as continue to learn and embody healthy boundaries. Fiona holds space in a non-judgmental and supportive manner that encourages the full expression of a womxn. The guidance Fiona offers through written & spoken word, movement and music is transformative, authentic and heartfelt. I believe we all need these divine practices and I commit with reverence & gratitude each time I return to the space Fiona creates. I highly recommend Fiona's workshops and courses."

“Fiona has opened me up to the potential of being completely authentic and discovering a sense of wholeness."


"I’ve learnt soo much about myself, I’ve embodied so much more of my feminine nature. I’ve learnt to slow down in so many ways... but particularly in terms of pleasure. I have loved working with the different archetypes of the erotic feminine.. especially the wild woman... I’ve explored so many parts of my erotic nature I didn’t even know where there. But most of all I’ve made a commitment to myself, to my needs, my pleasure, me first... always. That under no circumstances I will ever be a shitty lover to myself. Fiona is the most empowering and embodied teacher that speaks with such truth and power. [This] is just the beginning of something magical.... potent beyond words and I can’t wait to see what’s next!""

"I’ve made a commitment to myself, to my needs, my pleasure, me first... always."


Embody your true nature, your wild, your Feminine…


I desire with every cell of my body that the 13 women who join the Coven are aligned AF and committed 10000% to show up and support themselves & one another.

Disclaimer: the most amazing women are magnetised to my offerings (like, seriously, the MOST EPIC women) so I know this Coven will be next level – because that’s what the energy already feels like…

Applications close on 16th January.

There is an application and selection process to ensure the group energetics feel symbiotic and sexy, and that I can trust you are committed & devoted.

Entering The Coven














What are the dates for the diary?

Our Coven sessions will run every other Tuesday 7-9pm UK time: 18 January / 1 February / 15 February / 1 March / 15 March / 29 March / 12 April / 26 April / 10 May / 24 May / 7 June / 21 June

The extra workshops & guest sessions will be scheduled throughout the six months, dates TBC.

How much 1:1 time do I get with Fiona?

Your journey in COVEN includes three private 1:1 sessions with Fiona. These are up to you to schedule as and when you need/want them, from the start date to 30 days after the COVEN container closes. Should you desire more sessions throughout the container, email fiona@fionamccoss.com for availability.

Is it going to be a massive group where I'll HIDE IN THE BACKGROUND?

No way! I want to create community & connection as a priority, and I know the smaller the size the easier it is to breed intimacy and trust. Personally, I love getting to know everyone individually. This way, too, I can offer personalised attention to everyone throughout the journey. 13 is the sacred number of the feminine, so I am calling in 13 powerful women from around the world.

I can't wait to see who you are...

Are there payment plans?

Of course, my love! There are a range of payment plan options if that makes it easier for you, or you can pay in full if that feels the most aligned and exciting

(and then you can forget about it for the rest of the year!).

How much time do I need to commit?

I always say whatever you put in, you get out! There is a two-hour live call every two weeks which you are asked to attend (for your own benefit & to show up for the group). Because this is a small, potent, and intimate group (13 women), and because of the length of time we will be journeying together (January – June 2022), your active participation in the group & attendance to the sessions is required to sustain a feeling of intimacy, integrity, momentum, and trust in the group. If you know in advance you won’t be able to attend all sessions, please specify which dates in the application form. In between the calls, you will be working with a mix of embodiment practices, prompts, inquiry, exercises depending on what homeplay I feel would support the group. Not to mention the bonus sessions with guests, Q&As, and other workshops. So, I'd recommend 15 mins minimum a day for this. Remember, the more you invest the time & energy to being a part of this experience, the bigger the shifts & the more you'll get out of it. Fact. It is your responsibility to create time and space to guide yourself through these so that you can receive all you desire from this journey with the feminine.

Can I join from outside the UK?

Absolutely! This is a virtual COVEN, meaning you can join from anywhere in the world. We meet live via Zoom & our private community will be hosted on Whatsapp and the private portal on Teachable. As long as you have internet, you can be there.