England, 31st May - 3rd June


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MELT INTO YOUR SENSES, DRIP LIKE HONEY, BATHE IN PLEASURE... retreat into a long weekend of deep delicious body-nourishment and erotic innocence



When a woman learns how to nourish a romance with her own body, to unite with it from the inside, alive in all her senses, she exudes a breathtakingly feminine quality that transforms the atmosphere around her.

Diana Richardson

WILD HONEY Retreat will take you on an inner journey of devoting to your body, dropping into your sensual + wild essence, as you surrender into the warm embrace of summer and sisterhood.

Babe, if you're ready to make pleasure a priority, soften, and (re)awaken your feminine; meet the parts of yourself that have been forgotten along the daily grind... this is for you. WILD HONEY will be a nourishing immersion where you can leave everything behind and melt deeply into all that feels good.

Together, in-person, in sisterhood we will devote ourselves to daily sensual self-worship, self-exploration, self-intimacy practices. Re-connect to your body and to your pleasure on a deeper, more embodied, level; liberating stagnation and disconnection to arrive into a powerful and authentic embodiment of the sensual feminine.

sisterhood & sensuality


Cynthia + Bryan

Jason + Matt

Kali + Koa

ana, trinidad

"This was exactly what I needed and when I needed it. This retreat was EVERYTHING. Fiona’s medicine is both fierce & gentle, and I really love her energy - that was part of what drew me.... The way she held space for us, her capacity to guide us and the way in which she embodies her medicine is truly transformative in and of itself."

tansy, uk

"I have awakened my sexual, sensual self once more, a part I thought I had lost through becoming a Mother. I feel a sense of aliveness and vibrancy I didn't have before. My confidence has increased and I definitely give far less fucks about a tonne of stuff that may have bothered me before. This work has fired up my identity as a woman."

Camila, uk

"[The Retreat] was such a transforming experience! All your retreats are, and I love how they always unfold so much inner wisdom. I love how safe you make us feel, holding the perfect cauldron for us to actually connect with ourselves, shed the skin and dig dip. I am so grateful for your work and what you do."


You're walking around barefoot on the grass among the early summer blossoms; serenaded by the sweet sounds of birdsong; opening your heart with cacao...

You're guided back into yourself with embodied wild + sensual movement, dripping with pleasure practices, letting go and liberating yourself through sensual ecstatic dance...

Laughing, play, connecting, surrendering, softening...

Remembering the sacredness of your feminine power and wild honey nature; reclaiming and honouring your erotic innocence and pleasure body...

Dancing around the fire; warming your soul in the sun; relaxing in the hot tub...

Melting way old expressions of yourself and find what's ready to emerge anew, drinking in the sweet nectar of the feminine, reviving yourself with sisterhood, and embodying your delicious sensual aliveness... and more.

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The Quaives is where we'll nest for WILD HONEY, a bespoke Retreat Space set among historic 16th Century grounds in the Kent countryside, UK. The bright warm modern studio will hold us for our daily practices and workshops and in our free time we have 19 acres of private playgrounds including a manicured secret garden, fields, ponds, and our own Scandinavian wood fired hot tub. There are hammocks and loungers to relax and unwind in the sun, a cosy lounge for those with a good book, and plenty of food to keep our mouths watering. Nearest trains are: Canterbury West and Canterbury East stations, 15 minutes away and only ride from an hour from London. Taxis can be found easily to take you to the retreat space. London Gatwick airport is the closest International Airport. Parking is available should you want to come by car.

4 days/3 nights in a gorgeous country setting
daily sensual rituals
feminine embodiment practice
pleasure awakening
wild + sensual activations
ecstatic dance parties
shinanigans around the fire
deep sisterhood medicine
delicious cacao
nourishing meals + snacks
wood burning hot tub
picturesque English countryside

not included

transport to venue
optional massage

what's included

let's go

wondering IF

get out of your head and get into your body, you're craving to reconnect to your sensuality...

re-ignite that mojo, you know things have been feeling a little stagnant and dry lately...

turn yourself back on, you know you deserve to feel magnetic...

meet like-spirited women and connect IRL, you want to find true sisterhood and BFFs...

drop into pleasure and learn new practices, sometimes it's hard making time for it...

remember and reclaim your erotic innocence, you know there's something missing...

boost your body-confidence, you're ready to feel sexy again and feel good in your skin

recommit to those practices you know make you feel sooo damn good 'n' juicy

If you've said Yes to more than two of the above, this retreat is calling you. You know what you gotta do...




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You're ready for a sensual awakening

WILD HONEY IS for you if

You're open minded and ready to try new things

You want to switch off and do you for 4 days

You want authentic female connection

You're not interested in sensuality or pleasure

WILD HONEY is NOT for you if

You prefer to keep feeling meh and uninspired

You don't believe you deserve time off

You enjoy superficial gossip and bitching

join us, honey

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Early Bird Ending on 29th February. Three & Five Month Payment Plans available.

Click the button on your room of choice to book now and save your space. All prices are per person + in GBP.  Spaces are limited.





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your guide

Fiona is a Women's Mentor & Embodiment Facilitator and the creatrix of WILD HONEY®. She is passionate about guiding women back to their their bodies, their power, their pleasure, and their erotic expression, unravelling the shame, guilt, and Good Girl tendrils we all inherit as a woman in this world. Fiona is a lover of the wild, the sensual, the bold, the brave, the daring, and she will seduce you into shamelessly loving yourself, fully claiming your body, and taking up space with your radiant feminine essence. When you leave her spaces, you are sure to feel transformed, nourished, connected, and sovereign as the strong sexy woman that you are.


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Frequently Asked Questions


Friday 31st May (arrival is at 4pm) to Monday 3rd June (departure is at 11am).

how do i get there?

The Quaives is in a small hamlet near Wickambreaux, Kent. Nearest trains are: Canterbury West and Canterbury East stations, 15 minutes away and only ride from an hour from London. Taxis can be found easily to take you to the retreat space. London Gatwick airport is the closest International Airport. Parking is available should you want to come by car. There will be a Telegram group set up before the weekend to arrange lifts and taxi shares.


Yes. After booking you will receive a Questionnaire with the option to let us know of any dietary requests or allergies so we can cater for you. 

what is the booking process?

Click the "Book Now" button on your accommodation preference confirm your place with a payment in full or a payment of a plan. Spaces are limited, so it is first come first served. Please contact team@fionamccoss.com for any other payment or booking queries.

what if i haven't been on a retreat before?

Many women arrive on retreat having never been on one before! If your intuition and your body says yes, I would follow that nudge... There is no "level" to be "at" in this work and journey. All women are welcome. If you feel you want to share more about your unique situation before booking, please email fiona@fionamccoss.com.