27th May - 1st June



join us for an unforgettable RETREAT
awakening wild eros & feminine power in IBIZA

deepen into your wild feminine body, energy, and expression
ignite your erotic essence and embody your turn on
take time for YOU, your body, your pleasure
supercharge your sensuality
be guided to your edges
chill the fuck out and fill your cup up
expand into your orgasmic potential
anchor into your wild eros and feminine power
escape to Ibiza to switch off and recharge
indulge in luxury
(and enjoy six days in the sun)

Come; rewild, awaken, and turn on...





lean into your wild edges

feel turned on AF

find your sexy coven

open & surrender

ignite your magnetism

let loose & rewild

Love, I know you desire to...

so come and sip from the wellspring of Wild Eros and give yourself permission

waking up to the warm morning sun, stepping out barefoot into nature and walking to the outside platform for your morning embodiment practice; you're expanded, connected, and grounded into your feminine power with workshops and activations through the day; you're fed and nourished by chef-cooked local delicacies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; enjoying hours of chill-time with siestas, swims, and naked sunbathing; prioritising devotion, play, and pleasure; and spending the night dancing under the moonlight or telling stories,… let's see where the mood takes us….

Close your eyes and imagine...

book me in

(oh and did I mention we're spending a day sailing and snorkelling?!)

wild: untamed, undomesticated, natural
eros: erotic energy, life force, vitality, potency

WILD EROS, a definition:

amy, usa

"A life changing, core moment in my life. I met a part of myself that I have not allowed before."

camila, uk

"I love how safe you make us feel, holding the perfect cauldron for us to connect, shed skin, and dig deep."

Venus, uk

"Wow what an absolutely magical evening of self devotion, pleasure and ritual. Fiona's energy is magnetic."


em, uk

"I uncovered layers of my erotic energy that I didn't know lay hidden away inside me."

shayne, usa

"I felt empowered, powerful, sensual, sexy and more embodied than I've felt in a loooong time."

pip, uk

"It was so nourishing, sensual, and just straight up sexy!! It's like no other gathering I've done."


Ibiza is home for our journey into our Wild Eros, a land known for its potent feminine energy and healing potential. From Saturday 27th May - Thursday 1st June we'll be staying in a private luxury villa nestled in the peaceful countryside, away from the crowds, surrounded by olive groves and lavender fields. We will rest back in comfort, cool off in our pool, siesta under the shade of the trees, and enjoy living out in nature as we deepen into our sensuality and erotic bodies. Our private chef, Ruby, will be nourishing us with three delicious local meals a day to fill us up from the inside out.

We will also be spending one of the days on a private catamaran, sailing to some of the most beautiful bays, swimming in the sea, going snorkelling to enjoy all the island's wild feminine beauty.


i want to be there


flights / travel  to  Ibiza Airport
travel and health insurance


6 days/5 nights  at a luxury private villa
teachings and activations on the feminine
practices, rituals, and sensual embodiment
wild ecstatic dance parties
deep sisterhood medicine
day boat trip + snorkelling
three meals a day
guest workshops
erotic activations
group photoshoot
goodie bag

Wild Eros Retreat Includes

optional add-ons:

individual sensual photoshoot
airport transfer to retreat

deep feminine, body, psyche, & soul work

wild ecstasy, authenticity, & sacred fire

sensuality, softness, & pleasure

expression, voice, & creativity

reclaiming who the fuck you are

a potent immersion for


the team

Fiona is a Women's Mentor & Embodiment Facilitator; she is the creatrix of Wild Eros and is known for her transformational group spaces and activations. She is passionate about supporting women back to their fullest most unapologetic feminine energy, through their wild bodies and erotic expression. Fiona's gifts are invoking the dark, the divine, the sensual, and the erotic, calling women into their untamed power. She will seduce you into wildly loving yourself, fully claiming your desires, and taking up space boldly and brazenly.


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Frequently Asked Questions


Saturday 27th May (arrival is at 4pm) to Thursday 1st June (departure is at 10.30am).

how do i get there?

Ibiza Airport is only 25-minutes away. The exact details of the retreat centre and how to get there will be provided after booking and a Telegram chat will be set up for retreat participants to coordinate travel and connect before we meet, should they wish. Airport transfers can be arranged at an extra cost, or Taxis can be found outside the airport easily.


Yes. We will be mostly vegetarian / pescatarian diet, but if you are vegan or have other dietary requests or allergies please let us know upon booking and we will let the chef know.

what is the booking process?

Click the "Book Now" button on your accommodation preference confirm your place with a payment in full or a payment of a plan. Spaces are limited to 13 women only, so it is first come first served. Please contact team@fionamccoss.com for any other payment or booking queries.


Many women arrive on retreat having never been on one before! If your intuition and your body says yes, I would follow that nudge... There is no "level" to be "at" in this work and journey. All women are welcome. If you feel you want to share more about your unique situation before booking, please email fiona@fionamccoss.com.