22-28 May 2023

join us for an unforgettable week of wild eros & feminine power in the mediterranean

…doing for receiving

I see you - you're ready AF to swap

…stressed out for soft and open

I see you - you're ready AF to swap

…shut down for sensually alive

I see you - you're ready AF to swap

...contracted for connected

I see you - you're ready AF to swap

...burnt out for blissful

I see you - you're ready AF to swap

...dry for dripping

I see you - you're ready AF to swap

...stale for sexy

I see you - you're ready AF to swap

...surface-level for shadow work

I see you - you're ready AF to swap

...numb for new feeling

I see you - you're ready AF to swap

...miserable for magnetic

I see you - you're ready AF to swap

...exhausted for expansive

I see you - you're ready AF to swap

...fearful for fuck it

I see you - you're ready AF to swap

(am I wrong?)

Reconnect to your wild eros.

You are invited to seek sanctuary, restoration, and revival, and drop yourself deeper into your feminine potency. Join us, over seven days and six nights, at a secret location on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, for the most transformational week of your year.

Immerse yourself, woman, into the wild, the innocent, the erotic, and the mystical feminine.

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wild: untamed, undomesticated, natural
eros: erotic energy, life force, vitality, potency

WILD EROS, a definition:

waking up to the warm morning sun, stepping out onto your private balcony, making your way to your embodiment practice to start your day with intention… you're expanded, connected, and grounded through workshops and activations throughout the day,  fed and nourished by fresh local delicacies… taking time out for siestas, pool side chats and swims, naked sunbathing… gathering to watch the sunset over the sea before dinner after a day of devotion, play, and pleasure… before spending the night dancing under the moonlight, or around a fire, or stargazing… let's see where the mood takes us….


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(oh and did I mention we're going on a boat trip!)

deep feminine, body, psyche, & soul work

wild ecstasy, authenticity, & sacred fire

sensuality, softness, & pleasure

expression, voice, & creativity

remembering who the fuck you are

a potent immersion for

flights / travel  to  Turkey
personal travel or health insurance
airport transfer (optional extra)


6 nights at Wild Eros retreat space
a week of teachings and activations
practices, rituals, and embodiment
three vegetarian meals a day
boat trip & day excursion
deep feminine medicine
goodie bag


deepen into her feminine body, energy, and expression
embody the primal, the divine, the innocent and the erotic
ignite her life force and fill herself up
play and practice in her authentic wild nature
meet her edges
embody sensual expansion
be welcomed into real AF sisterhood
anchor into her wild eros and feminine power
explore the full spectrum of her feminine potency
(and enjoy a week in the Mediterranean)

This retreat is for the woman who desires to:




amy, usa

"This retreat was in divine timing. Fiona had the staying power to be with us & lead us in all the textures of our darkness. I met a part of myself that I have not allowed before and became so familiar to the current within me. To say YES again and again to who TF I truly am and all I came here to be, do & have with no restrictions or apologies. A life changing, core moment in my life and it came with the most incredible badass sisterhood who I’ll cherish in my heart always."

victoria, uk

"I learnt to be more intimate with myself in ways I have never before. Now I own my sexuality and myself with pride... I apologise no more, I have boundaries. My foundations have never been more strongly grounded. Fiona's guidance and mentorship is full of love, wild appreciation for all and she gives so much. I felt witnessed, held, safe, but also championed. She looks into what you really need and pulls out cards of wisdom that will blow your body and mind."

grace, canada

"You are such a powerful guide and I honestly can’t speak highly enough of you. These past three months have changed my life for-ev-er and I am a stronger and MUCH more embodied, self-devoted woman because of you. The things you teach are priceless. I’m more connected with my body, womb, pussy, and all around feminine intuition and energy."

tansy, uk

"I have awakened my sexual, sensual self once more, a part I thought I had lost through becoming a Mother. I feel a sense of aliveness and vibrancy I didn't have before. My confidence has increased and I definitely give far less fucks about a tonne of stuff that may have bothered me before. This work has fired up my identity as a woman."

Camila, uk

"[The Retreat] was such a transforming experience! All your retreats are, and I love how they always unfold so much inner wisdom. I love how safe you make us feel, holding the perfect cauldron for us to actually connect with ourselves, shed the skin and dig dip. I am so grateful for your work and what you do."


Daily Practice & Devotion. Feminine Embodiment, Dance, Erotic Activations, Wild Remembering, Pleasure Awakening, Empowerment, Liberation, Real Sisterhood, Mediterranean Medicine, Sea Swimming, Boat Trip, Hiking, Chilling by the Pool, Night Fires & Stargazing, Naked Sunbathing, Deep Soul Nourishment, BFF Connections, Local Vegetarian Delicacies, Sunsets, Sunrises,  Deep Shifts & Transformation...

Full body YES.

Click "Book Here" to select your accommodation preference and save your spot by paying in full, or a payment of a payment plan. Each accommodation has private balcony with Mediterranean view, plus private bathroom. All prices are per person + in GBP.


cabin (PRIVATE)


cabin (TWO PERSON)



The Investment

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Hi, I'm Fiona

Truth-speaker, activator,
no BS-taker, wild, sensual, & loving leader of the unapologetic feminine

I am known for leading women to their edges, invoking the dark and the divine. I'm not afraid to activate you - that's my job (and I love it). Stick around if you get a kink out of the subversive⁠⁠, if you're done with the tidy boxes of the conventional⁠, and you speak the language of the untameable. I'll seduce you into wildly loving yourself, fully claiming your desires, and taking up space boldly and brazenly. Want to know more...?


& more...

Wild Eros awaits...


Frequently Asked Questions


Arrival is on Monday 22nd May and departure is Sunday 28th May after our closing ceremony and breakfast. Exact timings will be provided upon booking.

how do i get there?

The nearest airport is Dalaman, 1.5 hours away. Airport transfers can be arranged at an extra cost, please email team@fionamccoss.com if you would like one. The exact details of the retreat centre and how to get there will be provided after booking and a Telegram chat will be set up for retreat participants to coordinate travel and connect before we meet, should they wish.


Yes. We will be fully catered with a vegetarian diet, but if you are vegan or have other dietary requests or allergies please let us know upon booking and we will let the chef know.

what is the booking process?

You can save your spot by choosing your preferred accommodation option and either paying in full or an instalment of a plan split over three or five months. Please contact team@fionamccoss.com for any other payment queries.

what is included?

Six nights accommodation at the retreat space, a full week of teachings and activations, a day excursion and boat trip, three vegetarian meals a day, goodie bag, and photoshoot. What is not included are flights to/from Turkey, travel insurance, and airport transfer - which can be arranged with us, later.


Many women arrive on retreat having never been on one before! If your intuition and your body says yes, I would follow that nudge... There is no "level" to be "at" in this work and journey. All women are welcome. If you feel you want to share more about your unique situation before booking, please email fiona@fionamccoss.com.