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SHE WHO LEADS is for women who have a greater purpose at heart, who want to infuse their industry with integrity, intuition, instinct, and feminine power; and for those want to step up to lead the revolution they desire to see.

This five-week program (self-guided) will support you to step up into your next-level leadership, trust in your raw deep truth, make big impact (and $$) by following your desires, in full alignment to your body wisdom and feminine current.

Say YES to dialling up to your limitless creative channel; leading with new ideas, receiving inspiring AF downloads; and activating your community like never before.

I’m pretty sure you want to lead on purpose with AUTHENTIC, influential & embodied
feminine power?

find your voice and vision and stand behind it, shamelessly

be supported by a devoted following who can’t wait to work with you, learn from you, buy from you

lead in a way that nourishes and sustains you (energetically, economically, spiritually)

embody your secret sauce and trust implicitly in your WHY and HOW

step fully into your authentic expression and be known for it

heal sister wounding, competition, and jealousy and anything holding you back

she who leads is for you if you desire to


i'm here for it

No more lone wolf, no more fight to the top; no more bitchiness or competition. No more copying and pasting from leaders in your industry.

No more struggle with doubt and indecision in what you are here to share; no more sacrificing your true voice somewhere along the way to fit in. No more losing your vision and voice to the IG scroll every morning.

Thank-fucking-GOD, because at the end of SHE WHO LEADS you'll be leading your community with clarity, purpose and passion and going to bed each night feeling wildly fulfilled, seen, and respected (and well paid!) for your magick.

You'll be a walking permission slip for edgy expansion and elevated leadership that is rooted in confidence and self-belief & your community around you can’t help but be magnetised to your energy and offers.

Fuck yesssss.

You do you, babe


do it

Be the leader of the movement you want to see in this world.

lead your revolution.

antonia, finland

"Your wisdom, insights, and energy activates me. Thank you for holding
space so incredibly generously & powerfully. "

rhianna, usa

"It’s not an exaggeration to say that nothing is ever the same after if you lean into her guidance and feminine intuition and allow her to stir things awake within you."

GRACE, canada

""I've done years of therapy, soul searching, and plant medicine, but nothing has elevated my sense of self in such a clear way as this."

grace, canada

"The freedom I experienced from the insights of our work together is unparalleled."

cici, uk

"I feel like I'm walking onwards with so much momentum and power behind me and with the clarity I needed."

victoria, uk

"I apologise no more, I have boundaries. My foundations have never been more strongly grounded."

HEAR it from these women

i'm ready to lead

I know there’s a part of you that wonders if you’re “really a leader”... wondering if you have what it takes… so I’m here to remind you YES! Yes you are!

And your leadership codes are so needed in this world.

I say: Fuck the “trends”, the “other leaders”, the “shoulds”. Your next-level leadership gets to be simple and it gets to be authentic, because you get to design it. You get to claim it. You get to become it.

SHE WHO LEADS doesn’t exist anywhere else because there is no linear trajectory plan; there is no “methodology” to “rise to the top”.

The secret to your success as an embodied feminine leader is YOU and your authenticity. And that comes from within.

There is so much we feel we “should” do as leaders, right?



Hold yourself accountable & anchor into authentic self-leadership as the foundation for how you lead others. You must begin inward before you look outward in your leadership.

1. Self-Leadership

The Modules:

2. Integrity & Influence

3. Sister Wound Wisdom

4. Channel the Codes

5. Embody She Who Leads

Question, clarify, and anchor into your leadership codes related to WHO: the people; WHY: the intention; & HOW: the method.

See through the shadow, clean up your wounds (that may be limiting you) so that you can heal and lead with honour, authenticity, integrity, and celebration of the women beside you.

Channel your innate power and wisdom with creativity, to feel into and hone your unique flavour and frequency as a leader. There is no one in the world quite like you.

Integrate and embody everything you’ve learnt along this journey to anchor into She Who Leads; with your way, your why, and your how you want to be of service as a leader.

go on, dare

Leaders take action.
They create movements.
They dare to go first.

All of the content is housed in a private Teachable portal, and which you have access to for life. Any updates you will also get access to! 





Take the teachings deeper with a module workbook to print out or save as pdf, packed with activations, practices, quotes, and homeplay to explore each week as you embody your next-level leadership codes.

There are five (pre-recorded) teaching modules in SHE WHO LEADS, ranging from self-leadership, to cultivating integrity, sister wounds - and more - with a 90-minute video lesson. So get a pen and journal because you'll want to take notes!


5 x 90-MIN


and do it your way

everything you think you know
about what a “leader” is



pay in full

SHE WHO LEADS is a pre-recorded course that ran live in July 2022.
Start whenever, journey however, keep for life.


The Investment




pay in two

She who activates, Fiona

I am a women's mentor and activator of she who leads in service to feminine power and leadership. I am inspired by all things unapologetic, awakening the unsaid and the undomesticated within us, and creating space for women around the world to embody their full power and expression and create big impact by doing what they love. Thriving and not surviving.

It’s my mission to support women like you back to an embodied sense of leadership, taking your codes to the next-level and creating momentum with the mission and message you have burning within you.

I know you are here for wild and great things.

This is why I’ve created she who leads, for feminine leaders like you, ready to anchor into your authentic leadership codes, to do something different (that the world hasn't seen before); and lead the way, your way.

You are being activated into authentic embodied leadership.

Are you ready?