OBSIDIAN is a deep AF portal - and the most intimate way to work with me. I want this to be the best decision you've made, and so the answers to these questions help me decide if we'd be a potent and electric match for what you are calling in. I encourage you to take your time with these questions, really feel into your why's and your wants. Don't hold back. Claim your future self and let me get a sense of who she is and who you are now. If your application is successful, I'll be reaching out in a DM and/or an email. I'm excited to learn more about you...


1:1 Mentorship APPLICATION

ThankS, BABE!


ashley, usa

"If you want authentic leadership, Fiona is the woman. She will hold you fiercly to where you want to go."

alice, uk

"There are NO WORDS to describe the changes that have happened since working together. Thank you."

brooke, canada

"Working with Fiona is one of the most expansive things you will ever do. Do it. You will not regret it."

grace, canada

"The freedom I experienced from the insights of our work together is unparalleled."

cici, uk

"I feel like I'm walking onwards with so much momentum and power behind me and with the clarity I needed."

victoria, uk

"I apologise no more, I have boundaries. My foundations have never been more strongly grounded."

HEAR it from these women