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You are invited to join Jessica Saunders and Fiona McCoss for a devotional journey inward beginning on the Autumn Equinox. As we near the winter months, we want to host a free 40 day offering to support you into an embodied spiritual practice; a guiding light and intentional anchoring into the divinity that lives within, for the remainder of your year. The Devoted Woman is the essence within you which longs to return to the vastness of the mystery. She is ready and willing to hand herself over to something so much bigger than herself… and surrender into its magick.

Find The Magick Inside & Out

"You, too, can be carved anew by the details of your devotion." Mary Oliver

Jessica & Fiona were inspired by their own *real-life* struggles to hold a consistent practice (because, life happens) and sought the support of each other to "get back on track" as we know everything feels and flows better when we are in devotion - and how even just 5-10 minutes a day can have such a foundational anchor and positive cumulative ripple effect.

In truth, it's a lot easier to recommit with an accountability buddy, so we thought "why not invite more women into the circle?" (because we know so many of you struggle making time for yourselves, too). So with the coming of the Autumn Equinox on the 21st September, we thought to create: Devoted Woman, a free 40 day devotional offering.

This is not a ritual "program" but there will be rituals suggested. This is not a guided hold-your-hand experience, but there will be practices and bespoke offerings. This is more an invitation to connect with your inner guide, your inner devotee, your inner temple, over 40 days with accountability and community.

The power of doing this with a collective is that staying power is stronger. The feeling of doing something in community helps add to the sense of togetherness and connection. And when the temptation to hit snooze arises, know that you are not only showing up for yourself, but for the collective devotion of the other women in the group too, because, know that there will be others bleary eyed on Zoom with you wishing they were in bed, too! But - with devotion comes discipline, too. It's the magick and the freedom within that devotion is what we’re coming for.

Temple of Devotion

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We’ll meet at 6 am UK time every morning for our daily devotional "Temple". Why so early? Immediately after waking is the most powerful time of day to sink into devotion. As we emerge from the slower brain waves of sleep, we can more easily access the subconscious mind and give our practice more space to create the changes we desire. And if your timezone or schedule doesn't allow you to be there live, no worries - the daily emails will have you covered and you can select a time that would best suit you for your practice whilst still connecting to group energetically via your intention.

Our daily gatherings will be a silent space for us to be in our devotional practice together, on camera, which will create the togetherness and hold the accountability to show up. You'll be invited to follow your own intuition and create a practice that best suits your energy, your body, your needs, in that moment.

Over the 40 days you'll receive a daily email with a prompt, suggestion, quote to contemplate, or mini-practice to inspire you. You'll also receive a Sunday Soundscape (playlist) to support you through an embodiment practice or to use throughout the week.

There will also be a private Telegram space for the community to connect, share insights, encourage, inspire practices, and so on, through the journey outside of Zoom Temple time. 

How it will work

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"We have a need for enchantment that is as deep and devoted as our need for food and water."  Derrick Jensen

40 days of morning practice at 6am (UK) on Zoom in our Temple of Devotion

40 emails with prompts, practices, and guided rituals

6 curated Sunday Soundscapes (Playlists)

Private Telegram community for support and accountability

Sisterhood and connection

Opening & Closing Circle

What's included

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your guides

Jessica is an embodiment coach, mentor and heart-lead visionary. She invites you to expand into the deeply feeling heart, innate intuition and body wisdom available to all. Devoted to increasing compassionate self inquiry and profound multi-sensory experience, Jessica weaves her knowledge of the embodied arts & holistic sexuality to support women in achieving radical self-relationship. She will help you cultivate your inner sanctuary and equip you with the feminine ferocity required to navigate the collective unravelling of our times.

Jessica Saunders

Fiona McCoss is a UK-based women's mentor and transformational facilitator. She’s passionate about guiding women into their bodies, their power, their psyche, and their eros as the pillars of authentic self-expression and feminine leadership. Fiona's gifts are invoking the dark, the divine, the sensual, and the erotic, calling women into their untamed power as the biggest reclamation of their life. She will seduce you into wildly loving yourself, fully claiming your desires, and taking up space boldly and brazenly.

Fiona McCoss

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